Kings of Leon Album

The Tennessee brothers Nathan , Caleb , Jared along with their cousin Mathew joined to form a rock band called the Kings of Leon , in Nashville, in 1999. The band till date has 3 extended plays (which have more music than singles but do not qualify for an album), five studio albums, ten music videos and sixteen singles.The Band’s increasing maturity in both vocal and lyrics made them immensely popular.

The band’s debut EP, Holy roller Nocaine, got significant exposure thereby increasing the demand for the Kings of Leon albums.Their debut album Youth and Young manhood released in 2003 got them ranked as UK No.3 and was declared a sensation in Ireland.The second one Aha shake heartbreak, was released in 2004, it was so popular that 2 movies used their songs. In the third Kings of Leon album called, Because of the Times they replaced their southern –fried accent with a clear, clean sound. It entered as No.1 in UK and Ireland.In 2008 they released the fourth album, Only by the Night which again was No1 in the UK Chart.

Come around sundown, which the Kings of Leon Album presented last year created a wave in the music world.Now the Kings of Leon plan their tour from May 2011, so once more we can expect the best arena music from them.

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